Thursday, December 19, 2002

like the wind,
i went my way,
the trees that stood, simply swayed,
the fields i entered , quivered a little,
the brooks, simply played.

like the wind , i simply went my way.
the fire the blew, grew stronger amidst me,
the warm glow within me was true,

the snow that swept , clean away,

I wait patiently for someone to tell,
The way I go, stopped by none,
My soul that searches , for that one,
for I no longer can change.
the truth , the honesty , the way of the wold,

and there i stand amongst the many
far from the truth , as people do follow,
I stand and stare for simply that one.

for alone I stood a long time now,
A force to come and mend the pain

for one to yet nugde me on.
not to change in any way

The wind that blow tells a tale,
I wisper and it conveys.

a wind that blows everywhere.

a wind that blows everywhere

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