Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I got posted to Kurukshetra in Haryana. Now being a MT we had to do some work there to show the bosses. So all the Mt's decided to organise a meeting of the farmers and talk to them about farming and fertilizers. Word was sent out in the villages that "Doctors" from bombay had come and wanted to speak to the villagers. So a meeting was organised and a carpet was laid out and the MT's sat on a table in front.Google has played a huge role in acomplishing our MBA's, whatever informations and reports we got were all "googled" and submitted. All night I googled about rice farming and other topics and mugged them by heart. The next day all the Jat farmers came with thier customary Uddham Singh Style "Latths" and blankets and sat before the "Sheheri Daactors" and I began talking to them about the latest trends in rice farming, the meeting went on without a hitch untill one farmer got up and said " yeh sab to bhalo theek hai, lekin maine to gehu ugaye hai" "all this is fine but i have grown wheat". Things were beginning to go haywire. I calmly looked at the farmer and said pointing to another Management Trainee " koi baat nahin, gehu ka Daaktor yeh hai" "no problem this man is a wheat doctor", thereby sealing the poor Trainees fate. Well the story is too revealing to be told here
Then it was decided to have a "tour" of the fields. I went in the field and said " wah wah iss saal chawal ki fasal kaafi acchi hui hai", the dumbstruck farmer says " daaktor babu. yeh to gehu ki fasal hai"

So much for field Training

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