Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Please visit http://nawang.org/khukri_of_honour.htm and show that somebody cares for fallen soldiers in peace times also.

Fond it quite moving and one of the few site of kargil heros which is well maintained and suitable done up.

Btw Nwang's dad Harish Kapadia is a well known author many trekking books (trekking bible for shayadri trekking)
Nawang was part of my favorite regiment in Indian army the GORKHAS.

Sam Manickshaw one said " if a person says that he has never been afraid in life either he is lying or he is a GORKHA"

The Gorkha’s are the only race that is part of three nation’s Army- Nepal, India & UK .

A civilian salute to these brave people and NWANG

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