Wednesday, March 16, 2005


my view- if casting couch exist so what?

if somebody is "throwing" at you why not giver to her demands like any self respecting warm blooded male/female would do.

Shakti did not approach the girl for f$#@# she approached her for "help" knowing well that our own Shakti is famous for you- know-what and is not a director and producer add to it he himself is not much in demand himself.

i challenge India TV to do the same with 1 politician and the they will be slapped with 100 charges and shunted out of industry as Tarun Tejpal of Tehleka.

It is blatant invisaion of privacy and INDIA TV is doing that just as a eyeball catcher.

PS: My suggestion to India TV is not to stop the "string operation" at the time of "preposition" only. why not make it a celebrity sex tape ( a la Paris Hilton) this will help in their eye ball catching mission after who all who will not like to watch "hackaon hackaon Nandu sabh ka bhandu in real life action???

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