Wednesday, April 20, 2005

With Mushy out of country the usual noise about India Pakistan friendship has started again. I also love peace and actually believe peace is the only solution to INDO-PAK issue. But welcoming MUSHY with garlands who de facto plan the Kargil intrusion is way too much.

Why don’t people understand that Pakistan as a country exists only on its hatred towards INDIA cannot have lasting peace with India.

If there is peace between India and Pakistan, Pakistan losses its purpose of existence.

Remember in 1947 the only reason of Pakistan creation was that Muslim feudal landlord of Pakistan and Western UP wanted to have their own political sphere. Our then gora masters granted this wish of theirs.

Today the feudal lords have changed into respectable politicians and joined by a rogue army and jehaadi fanatics, All supporting each other

All of them can survive only by waging a war proxy or direct with India.

So banish all thoughts of lasting peace. The current lull is due to the big stick of USA.

However someday better sense will prevail on USA and it will realize that its “Natural Ally” is its real “Axis of Evil”.
In fact Pakistan is a fit case of unilateral intervention by USA . The 4 necessary conditions for the same are :

1) It posses means and will to employ chemical and biological warfare against “western interests”.
2) It is controlled by a dictator, backed by army and has effectively killed democracy.
3) It has clear and evident link with terrorist organization, which work against “western interests”.
4) It has proved track record of nuclear proliferation and an easy target for sourcing a “dirty bomb” by terrorists.

I foresee that in near future USA will have to disarm Pakistan of its Nuclear capabilities and the process has actually started.

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