Friday, August 12, 2005

The local FM station is running a contest about winning diamond. Participants are suppsoed to answer "KISKE BAJEE ?"( loosely who gets "fucked") based on diffrent situation.

Typical format

Guy: you are so cute , will you got out for coffee with me

Girl: Slap, Cant you go anywhere on your own. Do you take your mommy for even susu( pissing)!

Q: Kiskee Bajee?

options are:

a) Ladke ki
b) Ladki Ki
c) Mommy Ki !!!

Found it really funny

Imagine a future take:

Caller: Madam i won the price now i am here to take my Diamond( prize)
RJ: what prize , the contest is called kiske bajee so submit your name & number and i will announce it in tommrow's show- with sounds of drums and shouts of BAJEEEEEEEEEEE!!

another Question

b) VJ Ki?
c) Phone Company Ki?

Answers awaited!!!!

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