Monday, October 10, 2005

Old songs Reduex

Two recent ads have used old and forgotten Hindi movie songs to great effect

1) The Radio mirchi- "Accident Ad"- two guys bang their car and instead of breaking in to obscenities break into song and dance . The song aptly used is from movie Collie and the song is "Accident ho gaya rabba rabba".

Nice mix of song and situation and then the punchline "mirchi sunnawale always khush".

Even ad dekhne wale bhi khush.

2)Recent Bajaj ad with beaustiful Kabhi Kabhi trek "tere chere se najar hathi". Nice song placement but the ad looked too far fetched.

However the use of these songs which we know so well in new places makes " my dil goes hmmmmmmmmmm"!!!

1 comment:

Madhavan said...

and hey, "yeeh kya hua, kaise hua" was also pretty effectively used, wasnt it?