Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Fav blogger has come up with his book and I strongly recommend everyone to buy his book. Meanwhile I will try to enter "a shameless promotion stunt" to get a FREE copy.
So here is the contest
1) Please visit the link to read and feel what it is all about.
2)My top 10 Hindi movie lines

1. भैंस पूँछ उठाएगी तो गाना नहीं गाएगी ,गोबर ही करेगी ( Prem Chopra, Aaj ka Arjun)
Roughly translated in queen's language-
if a domestic Asian water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) lifts its appendage to the torso(tail) .It is more likely to produce feces( bull shit) than perfect Raag bhairvi.
This translation proves you can take a dialogue from Prem Chopra but you can’t take Prem Chopra from the dialogue.(read it till you get the joke)

2 When I dead, Police coming
Police coming, bhudiya going jail
In jail Bhudiya chakki peesing and peesing and peesing ( Dharmendra, Sholay)
Another example where translation does not make sense.
Now Veeru has been up on the water tank tower for last 3.4 minute explaining how the greater universe will suffer because of the refusal of Mausi to the marriage. But as the movie is about India – unless you speak queen’s language nobody takes you seriously. So when Viru starts english everybody starts listening.To refresh your memory Mausi & Basanti say yes after this English speech. I rest my case.
आया हूँ तो कुछ तो लूट के ले जाऊँगा ! खानदानी  चोर  हूँ खानदानी
There have been Villains & and there will be villains but only GOGO remains the breed apart. We are told that all villains have a flaw in their character hence they act villainous.
Only Gogo claim to do the villainy because of his lineage. So you can safely start hating the sinner as it all runs in the family .

4) साले दारू तो तुने भी जम की पी हें ,बदमाश !! ( Om puri, Jane bhi Do yaron)
As far as drunk scenes and dialogues go this  is the gem and the most quoted one during any drinking session. It is logically followed by another gem of drinking sessions “ गाडी "मैं" चलाऊंगा “ .
5) कितने आदमी थे - No explanation required

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