Thursday, September 11, 2014

Return of the traveller

" The traveler slowly opens the lock ,he has not seen the inside of this  room for last 5 years . The room smells of stale air as if the world has stopped inside.

As his eyes slowly adjust to the lights,unknown things start becoming familiar.Dust is everywhere so the traveler spruces up a small place to sit.

Soon memories from all corner overwhelm him,conversation held in past start ringing in his ears.He is not sure if they actually happened or imagination of his tired and weary mind.

He hears laughter and sighs,celebration of victories and consolation for setbacks. He tries to shut down the noise but memories have their own way.

This room is his and the traveler plans to claim it back. He plans to create more memory here."

This is the poetic version of what happened here on the blog. I stopped writing for 5 years and now have felt the urge again to regain this space.  

Have started the clean up and hope to create more memories here.

So watch out for the space.  

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