Thursday, October 24, 2002


The night’s chariot gone
& day arriving on a Monday morning

I wake up from deep slumber
With mind still in pervious day

With eyes wide shut & dreams still
Holding from behind
I walk to the mirror hanging on a
Veteran wall aside;

I stand before the mirror & see
a face unknown
this face was of envy & greed
of self pity & low self esteem;
This wasn’t me ,this was not
Supposed to be me;
It was a face of all bad things
I wanted to avoid;
But now I realized I was just the same.

The child in me revolted at the sight;
He could not held anybody responsible for his plight

TODAY I don’t blame sword of circumstances for my being;
I am what I made myself to be
I know it is only me to blame

this is one of the so called poem i wrote inspired by the atmosphere of WILD WILD HARYANA

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