Wednesday, October 23, 2002

This is the story of insanity over sanity; of rush of blood & disregard to personal safety. It all happened today when me a humble management trainee the lowest rung in chain of command was asked to go to FIELDS and do some" marketing" there. Well new to the ways of wild haryana I dragged myself after an eventful presentation to farmer about our "new & revolutionary " product (which was as Latin and Greek as to the farmer) we get down to some harmless banter. In the vent of things the farmer asked about my driving skills and I proudly boasted of even driving a road roller (truth). He threw a challenge " BHAI TU GHANA DRIVER BANE SAY TU MHARI BHAIS PE BETH KE DIKHAA". Without second thought I just nodded (I believe it was due to sleep) but it was taken to acceptance of challenge.

The next thing I remember was that I was on the buffalo. For people uninitiated buffalo do not have a "steering wheel" and no body has ever asked the "original manufacturer “ for a braking system in a buffalo. Well it has two pointed horns which can ACT I repeat CAN act as steering wheels. Another feature of this vehicle is its FUZZY LOGIC which decide wither the passenger is worthy for drive and weither only "shrug " of back will be enough.

To Put things in perspectives only LORD YAMA (god of death) has only registered vehicle owner in the world of this vehicle and even him is depicted standing by side of the vehicle rather driving it.

The only to start this vehicle is to kick with the shin of your boots on the side (civilized way) or alternatively JUST LIFT ITS TAIL (most effective way). Well I was not given the luxury of a prepared start and as a favor it was started and before I know I was holding its horns and clinging to its neck for my dear life. I know for sure this was my probably my last drive of buffalo or anything. The braking was non-existent and only prayer I had on my lip was “ NEVER GAIN”. With god’s grace and Buffalo’s generosity was thrown off into a place full of rice husk and I survived the “ DRIVE”

By the way this is a supposed to be a successful completion of the drive. Well the impact was made and I was made a hero a la Sylvester Stallone playing BUZKUSHI with afghan rebels in RAMBO III

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