Monday, February 21, 2005

after much long vacation back to office .married off a friend in distant JODHPUR- nice city.

PHEW Indian marriages no matter people stick to one marriage as they are too scared to do the rituals again.You are made a complete jackass for the day or two (or may be for life, depending on how you look at it) . Made to do obscure rituals which might have significance in agrarian culture of yore but look completely ridiculous in modern times.

Had a great time with rajasthani food (the battle of bulges was forgotten for a day or two and i dig myself into plate full of sweets. In fact they served the main course after you had enough of sweet dishes.

Finally really happy for my friend as after lots of sleepless nights going through responses to his matrimonial ad and detailed discussions with him on merits of matching hobbies for successful marriage.he finally settled down with a girl who is symmetrically opposite to her!!!

managed to sneak in "black" in a recently opened MALL in the hinterlands the hall was good, the movie great and the performances electrifying.

The dialogues and movie justified my decision of buying a black car as the venerable AB says "black is the color of achievement"- amen.

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