Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well if the Monday does not kills you Tuesday does!!
had a long day on Monday and it get reflected on Tuesday morning did not feel like getting up in the morning.
managed to take a bath(4 days ina row !!!) and stumbled into the bus. Horror of horror had a 500 Rs note to pay for the fare.
The conductor managed to give "sane advice" about how irresponsible people are carrying such big denomination notes, all the stupid junta also nodded in agreement.

If the govt cant provide change why does it issues such denomination and the bank ATM insist in churning them out instead of the smaller ones in demand.

Managed to read 40 pages of the War of the world by H G Wells.Got it hardbound with "Time Travel" at dirt cheap price from Fort Mumbai.

Got a call from a "placement consulatant". they are like shadows they run away when you chase them and if you stand still they stand next to you.

journey back to home was uneventful apart from a eve teasing incident. The guy got ear full of choicest punju abuses from junta in genaeral and some threatening guestures just for blinking to a gal.

Was generally depressed due to certain karmic connections.managed to pep myself after watching "enemy at the gates" nice war flick. the heroine looked real eye candy. who wont kill for the promise of such beauty.

may be some day.....

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